• Electronics Manufacturing Electronics Manufacturing
    Control micro processes and reduce spoilage.
  • Food Packaging and Processing Food Packaging and Processing
    Improve taste, extend shelf life, prolong freshness and reduce discoloration.
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing Chemical & Pharmaceutical Processing
    Prevent contamination, optimize production and exceed regulatory requirements.
  • Industrial Processes Industrial Processes
    Enhance production and reduce maintenance requirements.

TN2 is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications where nitrogen gas is required or preferred. When comparing technology, reliability, savings and convenience, we are confident you will find TN2 Nitrogen Generation Systems will provide you with unmatched flexibility.

Be sure to take advantage of our FREE Cost-Savings Analysis to compare your current nitrogen supply system to see how TN2 stacks up.

Why pay for a higher purity than needed when TN2 can be adjusted to suit individual application requirements. Significant cost savings can be realized by choosing a TN2 system that provides only the N2 purity needed. If required, TN2 systems are adjustable to as high as 99.9% purity.

TN2 uses PRISM® membranes by Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. that have been field-proven and refined over more than 30 years. Because the PRISM® membranes have no moving parts, TN2 provides the most maintenance-free method of on-site nitrogen production available.

On-site, On-Demand nitrogen generation using TN2 could mean a significant reduction in operating costs by reducing the need for storage of cylinders or dewars, increasing employee safety, decreasing insurance costs and improving production efficiency.

TN2 makes use of a facility's existing compressed air supply, eliminating the need for installation of another large process system.

A TN2 Nitrogen Generation System is compact, requires little dedicated space, and is easy to maintain and service. It eliminates the need for scheduled delivery, handling and storage of conventional cylinders, dewars and bulk nitrogen storage containers.

TN2 Nitrogen System Applications